Established in 2016, it is focussed on providing it’s clients with up to date products, market knowledge and information. With its presence in the loan market with competitive rates, it is still small enough to adapt in order to cater to it’s clients needs.

Landmark Lending aims to offer it’s clients the complete package, in a personalised manner and puts an emphasis on exceeding expectations of the client without them even realising it.

Whether you’re a first home buyer, downsizing, refinancing, purchasing an investment property or looking to build, Landmark Lending will tailor a loan to suit your needs.


One advantage of choosing a Landmark Lending broker over a bank is choice. With us, you are provided with over 50 products from a variety of lenders versus visiting a banker who has access to only their bank’s products. This is especially important at time like now, when the banks are saying no more often. By having more choices available, you’re more than likely to get a yes


Landmark Lending understands you have a busy life. Juggling work, kids and other commitments can consume most of your time. That’s’ why a Landmark Lending broker will come to you, where ever you are. At work, home or even in between, our world revolves around you.


Did you know our service is free of charge? Yes, that’s right! We are paid by the banks, hence a dedicated broker will guide you through the process from your initial enquiry, right up until settlement, without you having to pay us a cent.


Your Landmark Lending broker is like the perfect personal banker. We know what needs to be done, we make sure it happens, because we’re in for the long haul.


Landmark Lending is independently owned and is committed to their clients long term, with many years of industry experience.